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We adapt our camp to the needs of the school

In each of our programs, we strive to build on the values given to children both at home and at school. The courses at Layos Camp help each student to safe and confident in a new environment. Their self-esteem grows, along with their curiosity and ability to socialize with people from different nationalities and backgrounds. We teach students  to learn and express themselves in different ways through hobbies and sports, stimulating their creative side. At each Camp, we build upon the talent and knowledge of the children to improve their habits and make them more autonomous. Our three core pillars that express the ethos of Layos are: coexistence, respect and teamwork.


The success of our programs is achieved through sports, games, animation activities and the arts. Our stength lies in our staff: from the managers, to our highly qualified coordinators with experience in teaching and a team of instructors trained at the official Castillo de Layos Summer Camp School. What makes us unique are the people of the Camp and their dedication and commitment.


Nature, outdoor sports and the surroundings make the experience at Layos Camp truly unforgettable. The coexistence of students for a prolonged period of time also forms unique friendships, stimulating children to explore new cultures and learn foreign languages. We prepare programs tailored to each school, assessing ages, number of students and dates accordingly.


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