Our history


Castillo de Layos is a family company, committed to the extraordinary world of children and youth since 1985. We distinguish ourselves because of the way we manage each one and every one of our camps. We do not have intermediaries, nor agencies that represent us. Instead, we want to hear directly from the family or school that contacted us. What makes us truly different from the competition are our people: our counsellors are trained directly by us and undergo a rigorous CIT program. For some courses, we assign a monitor per every four students, to guarantee the well-being and safety of our campers at all times.


Castillo de Layos was founded in 1985 on a family owned farm. We started with a summer program that combined sports, nature and learning. The site of the camp is a family home, nothing short of an incredible castle that invites the children to dream. The name of the place comes from this unique location. Field trips are aimed at exploring and learning about nature. Our team is committed to making sure that students enjoy themselves in a safe and healthy environment. We believe that it is the combination of all these elements that have helped us establish ourselves in the world of summer camps and entertainment.

In our fourth year, we decided to leave our 15th century castle residence and establish the camp in the adjacent houses. This allowed for a more modern environment that could be more easily tailored to our needs.

Our clients find that Layos is a place they can trust and those who were once campers, send their children now knowing that we will take care of them. We collaborate with different schools as well, so during the year we receive students that are open-minded and interested in sports, adventure and a variety of courses.


Solidarity - Respect - Teamwork

After 30 years of educating and entertaining, we continue to develop programs that are in line with our philosophy. The prominence of sport in most of our programs means that our core values revolve around solidarity, respect and teamwork.

Letter to Parents

Castillo de Layos is a full time family-run business. Born in 1985 and based on the structure of traditional American Camps, we thought of an ideal model that creates great experiences for children in different parts of the world. For the younger ones, life at the Camp is a golden opportunity for personal development. Children learn to be self-sufficient even in the most basic things such as getting dressed, eating or just being clean and tidy. This is achieved alongside others who are in the same situation, allowing everyone to gain autonomy and discipline in a natural way. For the older ones, it is an opportunity to make new friends and take on new challenges and adventures. The arrival of campers from all over the world enriches our programmes and prepares each individual for the globalised environment we live in.

Learning a new sport, taking on the adventure of doing something new, the joy of a simple lifestyle and learning the value of generosity are all traits that our children take back home with them. This allows them to grow as people and to become conscious of their unique potential.

Today more than ever, we believe in the effectiveness of our work. Layos Camp is a project worth living and working for.


A familiar, close and direct treatment

  • Carchin Oriol Icaza

    Founder and Director

    Castillo de Layos from 1985

  • Curro de Gregorio Oriol

    Administration and management

    Bachelor of Business Administration and Marketing

  • Asis de Gregorio Diego

    Founder and Director

    Castillo de Layos from 1985

  • Carchin de Gregorio Oriol

    Founder and Director

    Bachelor in BBA, Hospitality - Finance

  • Pelayo de Gregorio Oriol

    International Department & Financial Services

    Degree in Bachelor of Business - Major in Financial Services

  • Alejandra Villen Bringas

    Advertising and marketing

    Graduate in Tourism and Digital Marketing

  • Alberto Sanz Ruano

    Camp Coordinator

    Degree in Directorate of Youth Activities

  • Jaime Machado Loeches

    Camp Coordinator

    Diploma in Physical Education, and Child Psychomotorist

  • Suso Juanas Naharro

    Camp Coordinator

    Professor of Basic General Education, speech therapist and university expert in cooperative learning

  • Pia_team

    Pía Álvarez-Garcillan

    Commercial and Administrative

    Degree in Italian Philology

  • Maria Molina

    Commercial and Administrative

    Administrative Management

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