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Surfing is growing in popularity among children, not only is this sport fun, it also promotes good health and well-being and provides ample opportunity to build confidence and a great sense of accomplishment. The sea is itself an excellent teacher as it requires a sense of responsibility and a deep respect for nature. Located in Comillas very close to the beaches of Gerra and Oyambre, our students will live in the heart of the Natural Park “Las Dunas de Oyambre” with the peaks of Europe providing the backdrop. A combination of surfing, adventure sports and activities.

Our camps are divided into three diferent age groups so that campers participate in sports, games and activities with peers of their same age.

The meals are made in the dining room by rooms, we adapt all menus to allergies and intolerances that notify us.

There is a doctor in Comillas, who is able to assist the campers, any time during the day or the night, with whom we also have direct and easy contact.

We include incoming and outgoing transportation from Madrid to the camp for all our programmes. We meet the parents at a specific location and the children always travel with counsellors.

Layos Camp offers a pick-up and drop-off service at the airport or station for children who are travelling from abroad, with the price to be specified with the office depending on the schedule. We always need the full information on both arrival and departure times.

It is required to use the camp’s uniform, three t-shirts, three shorts, three pairs of socks, and a sweatshirt. The cost of the full uniform is €100. For the Juniors (13 to 17 years old) and Layos Camp Comillas it is mandatory to use the three t-shirts, the three pairs of socks, and the sweatshirt, and every child must bring their own shorts. €100 uniform for Juniors.

Of course, we allow uniforms from other years or from old students. Every separate garment costs €15. The uniform must be ordered at least two weeks before the start of the program.

You can talk to your children from the third full day of the camp, calling the specified telephone number during the times indicated. It is permitted to use mobile phones during the same schedule, for the rest of the time the counsellor will keep them in their lockers.

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You will be able to carry out the entire registration process through the Web.

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